Olive Oil for Face Masks and More: Nature’s Beauty Secret

Using olive oil for face masks is one of the many beauty secrets of nature that we’ve been keeping track of for the last ten years. While popularly known for the amazing health benefits it provides as part of a balanced diet, it can also be used to keep your appearance beautiful and youthful.

The ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Phoenicians all acknowledged the beauty properties of olive oil for face, skin, hair, nails and even fresh breath. Scientific research in the last century has revealed that it’s rich in vitamins A, D, K and particularly vitamin E, which are protective antioxidants that minimize damage caused by “free radicals” (unstable atoms and molecules) that cause cell oxidation and aging.

The following are some simple tips you can use to incorporate olive oil into your beauty routine.

Olive Oil For Face And Skin Care:

  • Use olive oil for face masks to smooth the complexion and maintain skin’s elasticity. Mix oil, honey and one egg yolk until well blended. Apply mask to face and leave for 15 minutes. Use warm water to rinse.
  • Prevent stretch marks, treat dry skin, psoriasis and eczema by massaging oil directly into affected area straight out of the bottle
  • Add to bath water for a moisturizing soak.
  • Apply to hands and feet at bedtime then cover with cotton gloves and socks to soften callous, dry and cracked skin.
  • Dab on lips at bedtime to heal and prevent chapping.


For Hair:

    • Make a hot oil treatment to heal dry or damaged hair by mixing 2/3 cup of oil and 1 TBSP of honey in a re-sealable plastic bag. Fill a bowl with hot water and place the sealed bag in the water until it becomes warm. (Do not allow oil to become hot.) Apply oil mixture to roots and work it through to the tips of your hair. Cover with a shower cap and wrap in a warm towel. Leave on for 20 minutes. Shampoo and condition as normal.


  • Condition by applying directly to hair for 30 minutes to reduce frizz and static, heal split-ends, remedy dandruff, balance overproduction of oil and prevent attraction of parasites.


For Finger Nails:

  • Warm oil with 1 TBSP of lemon juice in a dish. (Do not allow oil to become hot.) Soak fingertips for 5-10 minutes to strengthen nails and soften cuticles. n95 mask for sale


For Bad Breath:

  • Sip the oil to remedy bad breath with a pleasantly sweet odor. It also aids in digestion, so is easy on the stomach when sipped straight.


The best olive oil for face, hair or nail care is extra virgin, which is the purest form directly from the first pressing of the olives. Since it is the most nutrient-rich form, you will reap the greatest benefits from these beauty tips when you choose to use extra virgin olive oil for face, hair or nail care.


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