NFL Football Betting System

Just because your entire fantasy squad plays for losing teams in the NFL, doesn’t mean that they’ll produce the same results together on your fantasy team. Here are three players on teams that aren’t expected to produce too many wins this year, but should be able to lend a hand to your fantasy team’s W column.

Ronnie Brown everyone needs a running back and a team without a solid starting QB and young receivers has one choice: score with a running attack. If Ronnie Brown can stay healthy this season, he has a good chance to advance into the top five fantasy running back options. He has Ricky Williams backing him up, but if he sticks around long enough this time to make an impact – don’t believe it will affect Brown’s numbers! 먹튀검증

Carson Palmer the Bengals have all the options to make them a solid NFL team, but parole and poor decisions are keeping them from winning. Carson Palmer, however, is still providing solid fantasy numbers, despite his teammate’s woes on the field and off. Even if Chad Johnson is moved to a different team – I would still put my trust in Palmer to produce quality starts for any fantasy team.

Andre Johnson a QB has to throw the ball to someone and when you have only one solid option and on the Houston Texans, that option is Andre Johnson. As long as he a Texan and they continue to ignore their offense in every way – he will remain their only viable scoring option and continue to provide quality numbers for your fantasy squads.


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