Tips to Create an Effective Flyer

Before moving ahead let us first understand what a flyer is and what it purpose is. Suppose you are a small garment store owner and want to clear your summer stock as fall/winter stock is approaching. You have decided to give a heavy discount on your entire range of garments and want this message to be conveyed to the maximum number of people in your city. You can get this information printed on paper and get it distributed so that maximum number of people get to know about your scheme and come to buy from your store. This tool to advertise is known as a flyer and has been in vogue for a long time. There are many things that go into making an attractive and effective flyer and it is not by impulse or thought that you can make a good flyer.

Keep it simple and short

This is an age of communication and people keep getting bombarded with breaking news and other information from so many quarters that they have become immune to just another discount scheme. If you write a long drawn out matter on the flyer, you can be pretty certain that it will be rolled and thrown in the waste paper basket without paying any attention to it. You do not want people to make an effort to get your message. Just keep it short, to the point and simple. People have other things to do rather than reading your flyer for a long time.

Make maximum use of white space

Do not be misled into believing that it is better to stuff the piece of paper with grey or black text. Leaving white spaces is important. These white spaces are not there to make the flyer look aesthetically pleasing; they make it easy for the reader to target the text as they provide rest to the eyes of the reader. You may be tempted to give maximum information to the reader, but remember that the reader expects a flyer not to be like a newspaper and saying it in few words is a better strategy to keep the reader guessing and wanting more. mixtapes artwork

Layout is an important aspect

The information that you want your reader to get from the flyer must be organized and should not look haphazard. At the top should be the headline, and all important information must be in a prominent position. If you are making use of an image, you should place it in a manner so that it does not obstruct the content of the flyer.

Graphic designing is important too

There is a lot of software available on the net that can help you in graphic designing like Adobe Photoshop, Corel and illustrator. This software will tell you how to design the flyer so that it has the maximum impact of the reader.


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